All Inclusive!

With Office 365 All Inclusive, you get a combined IT solution. It means that our customers get:  

   Support – Office 365 experts are available around the clock

   Education – so our customer can start using Office 365 in the best possible way

   Migration – we ensure that all our customer get off to a good start

You’ll get access to expert knowledge and continuous guidance, so you can start using Office 365 in the best possible way.

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Why Office 365 – All Inclusive?

With the Office 365 All Inclusive subscription, we’ll help you to the simplest and fastest way to getting started with Office 365.
You get:

    • Minimal interruption of your business
    • Almost no draw on the IT resources of the company
    • Few and predictable costs

With an All Inclusive subscription, you avoid major costs when it comes to moving to the cloud, external specialists expenses, and expensive training of internal IT employees and end-users.

The subscription even includes 24/7 support, in Danish and English, to your IT and end-users.

Cloud People Guidance Office 365


Before you make the decision, Cloud People will advise and help you to understand the opportunities in Office 365. It concerns economy, IT, and users. We’ll also tell you about how to move in the most efficient and secure way.

We help you understand the new products and how you, in the long run, can acquire optimal utilization of every tool in Office 365. It may be how to utilize OneDrive and SharePoint Online to acquire a more efficient management and sharing of documents.

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At Cloud People we are Microsoft Cloud License Experts.

After having investigated your current IT set-up and need, we recommend the best combination of Office 365 licenses. You’ll save money, and we assure you that you will profit by your investment.

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Cloud People has moved more than 6,000 firms to the cloud. We handle the entire process and every area of your Office 365 solution, as long as you are a subscriber to Cloud People. This include license configuration, license agreement, and your new cloud configuration.

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We prepare, and manage configuration and migration. From the start, we take into account every possible challenge, the datatypes, and the amount that must be handled. Cloud People have a lot of experience with predicting resource requirement, challenges, and the time frame for moving securely and with the fewest possible interruptions of your business.

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Cloud People Support Office 365


Customer satisfaction is our most important parameter, and our employees are evaluated on that. Therefore, we are proud to say that 99% of our customers are satisfied with our service.

We answer questions and solve problems fast and efficiently, whether it’s in the migration phase, the roll-out, or concerning the use of the Office 365 solutions. Every employee is certified and is continually trained in the newest Office 365 possibilities.

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We are always proactive in our attempt to give our customers the most favorable experience and value of Office 365. Therefore, we offer every All Inclusive customer access to Academy. Here you can watch videos, read eBooks, and tutorials to get the most out of your new solution. We also arrange offline and online educational courses continually.

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