Microsoft has bought Business Intelligence Leader Datazen

The last couple of years, Microsoft has put great emphasize on their business intelligence platforms, in order to gain structure in the massive amount of data the companies generate. With the acquisition of Datazen software, another step in this direction has been taken.

Microsoft customers will have an easier time analyzing their data

Datazen is popular between data nerds as it provides an easy overview over your company’s data. Frederik Bonde from Cloud People, one of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Partners, is excited to see the results of the new acquisition. He tells: “Datazen Software is one of the leading within the field of mobile business intelligence and data visualization on Windows, iOS and Android devices. The acquisition provides Microsoft customers with an easy tool to get the maximum value out of their data from anywhere on any device. We look forward to able to reap benefit from Datazens intuitive and polished dashboards in Microsoft Power BI.”

What is Datazen

The company Datazen is 3 years old, and makes it possible for companies to create mobile dashboards from data in Microsoft Excel, but also from internet and company databases. Datazen is popular among those who want Business Intelligence visualizations in Windows 8, which easily can be combined with different devices – including cellphones, Windows 8 tablets and larger screens. In short, it works as a mobile dashboard for Windows Phone. In order to use Datazen, companies have had to run Windows Server, IIS and .NET behind their own firewalls, while also running Datazen server software.

Microsoft’s mobile strategy

According to Frederik Bonce, it is a part of a larger plan in order to make it easier to be a mobile Microsoft customer: “It is not completely apparent yet what the game plan for the integration is going to be. However, Microsoft will most likely integrate the Datazen technology and their BI products expertise and some of Datazen’s mobile applications, and rebrand them as Power BI for iOS and Android.” We will follow the development and keep you updated when Microsoft is ready with their plan for the development of Datazen.