Successfull roll-out is crucial to us…

– that’s why we’re here to support you all the way!

We know that every company has its own needs and processes. That’s why we offer you a personal adviser – your Customer Success Manager.

Whether you want to get people excited about the launch of Office 365 or you’ve already had the subscription for years, your adviser will help you evolve from the situation you’re in.

What we bring to the table is:

  • An adoption plan to make sure you stay on top of challenges
  • A best practice strategy to involve everybody
  • Ongoing Customer Success Reviews

Have you joined the cloud wave and upgraded to Office 365? Are you ready for a modern workplace, but are struggling to get started with your new IT system? IT solutions can be brilliant and innovative, but the magic doesn’t happen until they’re used properly.

That’s why we’re introducing Academy as a new concept that’ll help you and your colleagues become acute Office 365 users.

Academy – Inspiration and practical education

Academy is your online learning portal when you’re getting started with Office 365. With inspiration and training in using new tools, Academy will help you get all the benefits from Office 365.

The learning portal is straight forward and easy to use – for instance, you can choose from short tutorial videos, and it’s completely up to you when and where the course shall take place. Both the newbie and the IT specialist will have lots of content to explore.

With Academy, you’ll also get access to your own personal adviser that’ll inspire you to work more efficiently with Office 365 and increase productivity in the company.

Our Customer Success Managers are eager to share their expertise, and we’ve gathered it all up for you in Academy.

Do you want to learn more about bringing digital transformation and “The Modern Workplace” to your company?

Then contact us today and let’s start planning your process.

We’re ready to discuss solutions, possibilities and solutions to a successful roll-out of Office 365 with ongoing optimization.


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