Academy – your way to Office 365

With Academy, both the IT department and the end users will get access to live education, video tutorials and FAQ. You’ll get thorough introduction to Office 365 and updates on the latest releases and opportunities from Microsoft.

Office 365 Academy

– Are you getting all the benefits from Office 365?

Academy is a new way of making users work more efficiently and collaborate better while giving you the opportunity to make use of the flexibility of your solution.

Stay up to date

With Academy, you’ll save the expenses for training of both your IT department and the end users. At the same time, you’ll get maximum benefit from Office 365, both short term and in the long run.

With Academy, you can get live education, a customized video portal modified for your company and many other things.

You’ll get a dedicated advisor – your Customer Success Manager – that will follow you on your cloud journey and continuously offer advice with customer success reviews.

With Academy, you’ll get more from Office 365. You’ll secure a modern workplace, thanks to our work with change management, and that will result in more effective and satisfied users.

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