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Microsoft Office 365 experience in first class with All Inclusive:

   Support – Office 365 experts are available around the clock

   Education – customers can use Office 365 in the best possible way

   Migration – we ensure that customers get the best start

We handle set-up, data migration, 24/7 end-user support, and courses. Read more about Office 365 All Inclusive

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Why Office 365 All Inclusive?

Companies choose Microsoft Office 365 to strengthen the collaboration internally, encourage mobility, and to focus on core activities. With Office 365 you get a subscription solution which, among other, gathers Microsoft Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Skype for Business across platforms and devices – in Microsoft’s data center. At the same time, it meets the company’s demand for structure and security.

At Cloud People you get Office 365 service included in the suite when you choose your basic IT. It means that you get:

    • Setup
    • Migration
    • Support
    • Education

The ones above are included in the subscription. That’s what we call All Inclusive.

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Your own Office 365 expert team

You get your own Office 365 sales and expert team with Cloud People as a partner

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